ISE Integration System

Egg is a staple food Why not choose safe and delicious eggs?

Eggs that you can eat with peace of mind
Thorough quality control with consistent management and operation by our company. ISE Integration System
ISE Integration System

At ISE Foods, we carry out all processes from raising breeders, hatching eggs, raising pullets and layer hens to egg collection, packing and delivery.

These various processes are normally done by several operators. We are able to deliver high-quality eggs that you can consume every day with total peace of mind through Ise Integration System.

This is the secret behind eggs that anyone can eat with peace of mind.

1 Raising breeders
(parents egg-laying hens)

One of the most important things to consider regarding the quality of egg is contamination by food poisoning bacteria (Salmonella Enteritidis (SE)). Besides contamination caused by external contact with other animals, eggs are sometimes contaminated by internal infection from the body of the egg-laying hen.

Contamination caused by food poisoning bacteria (Salmonella Enteritidis (SE)) External contact, internal infection

To prevent infections, ISE’s quality control extends beyond egg-laying hens to include the parent stocks and we raise good quality pedigree parent stocks in a hygienic environment.
Chicks born from these breeders will become egg-laying hens.

2 Raising egg-laying hens

The hatched chicks grow into healthy pullets and egg-laying hens without using antibiotics at any stage, thanks to a comfortable environment, good quality feed, appropriate vaccination program, and so on.
The poultry house is designed to keep out noxious organisms and contaminants such as bacteria and to provide clean air and on-going sanitation management to allow the pullets and hens to grow in a comfortable environment with nutritious feed.

3 Collected eggs

The laid eggs are collected and graded automatically by belt conveyors within the day.
Temperature control starts from this stage to maintain freshness.

4 Packing plant

In addition to Washing,  Cracked and Abnormal egg inspection,

All of inspoections including Haugh unit are all carried out daily to verify eggshell strength, yolk color, egg freshness and others.

Shell strength check  Yellow color check   Haugh unit check

5 Shipping

Temperature variation is the worst enemy to maintain the egg freshness. Temperature control is done throughout from egg collection to shipping from the plant.

Temperature control (Collected eggs  Packing plant  Shipping)

Eggs are shipped using specialized refrigerated trucks.

ISE Foods eggs

Eggs are subjected to radiation testing. * Links are in Japanese.